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Metro Orlando Chapter
Board of Directors

  Thomas P. Mitchell, Sr.
Executive Vice President:
  Michael Janeiro
Vice President:
  Obie Young
  Linda K. Nesmith
  Leslie Bartlett
Social Media Coordinator:
  Susan White
  John Cummings
  Conny Glicken
  Don Spacht
  C. Douglas Howard
  Wilkie Griffin
Advisor to the Board:
 Chris Qualmann

State FMPTA 
Board of Directors
  Thomas P. Mitchell, Sr.
Executive Vice President:
  Chris Hoch
Vice President:
  Hal London
  Linda Nesmith
  Leslie Bartlett




The next EnterNet is 
Tuesday, May 6th starting at 5:30pm in the Patio Lounge at Miller's Ale House
1251 Lee Road
Winter Park, FL 32789

We meet the first Tuesday of every month.

 Bring plenty of comp cards and business cards... and your colleagues!!!


Monday, Apr. 21st, 2014
6:30p Networking
7:02p Guest Speaker

Door Prizes, 50/50 Drawing (to benefit the Craig Soldinger Memorial Education Scholarship).

Our program will be:

"Creating a NEW FMPTA Promo"

We last did a corporate promotional piece in 2010, when Daytona Beach took the helm and created a look that was updated from previous productions.

The time has come for the NEW
FMPTA to re-create itself and present a fresh image to the industry.

Bring your thinking caps and your creative ideas to the brainstorming session on
April 21st at:  

Miller's Ale House
in the Patio/Lounge
1251 Lee Road
Winter Park, FL 32789

If you haven't visited us in awhile, we invite you to bring your business cards and other literature to network with some of the industries shining stars.

Also presented will be

If you are a member whose membership is due for renewal, or if your renewal date has passed, Metro Orlando Chapter of FMPTA is hosting an 'open enrollment' where you can make the necessary payment, without the intial/reinstatement fee of $15.00.

Credit cards and checks will be accepted, application updates will be requested.













Our very successful Networking Group is next meeting on
Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
5:29pm to 7:29pm

Eden Bar @ Enzian Theater
S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32851

Join us in our "Round Robin Event", where each member and visitor will have 3-5 minutes to introduce themselves/businesses to the membership.
Be certain to bring lots of business cards & headshots.


























Florida's Entertainment Industry Success Is Counting on YOU!!! 

Florida Motion Picture & Television Association, Inc. is the oldest trade organization in Florida, founded June 25th, 1974. Its mission is to promote motion picture, television, audio recording and digital media production in Florida. Active in the legislative process affecting our industry, FMPTA also strives to educate its membership and the public as to the importance of entertainment to the Florida economy. The Crystal Reel Awards was created to celebrate the outstanding achievement in the named types of productions, created in Florida.

FMPTA members include producers, directors, music producers, animators, studios, casting agents, cameramen, actors, digital arts, stuntmen, electricians, heavy equipment operators, truck and fleet services, bus companies, make-up artists, set designers, equipment rental companies, recording studios and trade/craft services, and MORE.

The two paragraphs, above, are used on most documents concerning FMPTA. Our mission statement and the list of some of our members' occupations is critical to our success.

More importantly is the effort each and every member takes every day of the week to promote FMPTA.  This includes people we speak to when we're out on a shoot, grabbing a cup of coffee from a local vendor, or friends that may not even be associated with our industry.  Many times we hear of organizations that dwindle in activities and membership due to lack of interest and effort of its members.  The success of such organizations is often placed on the shoulders of a few individuals.  The expectation that these individuals have the ability and drive to complete such monumental tasks year after year, becomes unrealistic.

Within our great State, we are blessed with a group of individuals and businesses that work all year round to make it possible for us to continue to work at a more constant rate.  FILM FLORIDA recently completed the most successful Rally In Tally, to date.  Film Florida President Leah Sokolowsky and her team of dedicated professionals report that we are on the right track to increase our legislators understanding of our industry, and the importance of a properly funded and maintained Tax Credit Incentive.

Film Florida has created an Advocacy Toolkit for everyone interested in helping in this effort.  It can be viewed/printed at:

Remember... the success of FMPTA, Film Florida and our INDUSTRY, depends on each and everyone of US!!!

Welcome to
Florida Motion Picture & Television Association, Inc.
Metro Orlando Chapter

FMPTA is the oldest trade organization in Florida, founded on June 25, 1974.
Our mission is to promote motion picture, television, audio recording, theater
 and digital media production within the State of Florida.
Through the continued education of our membership and the education of the community of the importance of the entertainment industry to the economic climate of Florida,
we strive to bring more work to Florida.

Our members are involved in ALL facets of the entertainment industry,
above the line and below.

If you are interested, and reside outside of the Metro Orlando area,
check out the link on the left for the state website to find a chapter near you.
If no chapter exists, and you want to creat one,
contact the State President for more information.

We invite everyone to visit one of our meeting,
highlighted in the right margin of this page. 

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